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WIN IT! AMINO - 300g - pineapple flavourBCAA + l-glutamine + β-alanine


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WIN IT! AMINO is a dietary supplement in the form of a powder, containing a mixture of BCAA branched chain amino acids that are combined with L-glutamine and beta-alanine. The product has been developed to provide the body with the most valuable amino acids, in particular for people training and physically active. The instant version ensures excellent solubility of the preparation.

l-glutamine, l-leucine, l-isoleucine, l-valine, beta-alanine, flavours, sweeteners: sucralose.

10g of product (1 portion) contains:

  • BCAA: 5g,

    including: l- leucine: 2,5g,

    including: l-isoleucine: 1,25g,

    including: l-valine: 1,25g,

  • l-glutamine: 2,5g,

  • beta-alanine: 800mg.

10g of product (½ scoop) mix with 200ml of water. Drink immediately after preparation.

WIN IT! AMINO is a universal mixture of amino acids that will work both before and during training. It can be a perfect supplement to a pre-workout supplement or an addition to carbohydrates during a training session.

1. How does WIN IT! AMINO ?

WIN IT! AMINO is a set of branched-chain amino acids additionally enriched with beta-alanine and L-glutamine.

  • BCAA - is a combination of three branched-chain amino acids: leucine, isoleucine and valine. BCAAs can help promote protein synthesis with low protein intake. BCAA supplementation prevents the decrease in serum BCAA that occurs during exercise. A decrease in the number of branched-chain amino acids in the serum causes the influx of tryptophan to the brain followed by the production of serotonin, which causes fatigue.

    • Leucine contributes to the synthesis of muscle proteins by activating proteins called mTOR.

    • Isoleucine induces the capture of glucose molecules into cells. Suspected of acting as an anti-catabolic agent (without stimulating synthesis). It can also increase performance if taken before training in a carbonate state.

    • Valine is currently being studied by scientists from many angles, including the treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, liver diseases, and joint and bone lesions.

  • β-alanine - Beta-alanine is made of carnosine. Beta-alanine, thanks to its ability to transform into carnosine, also allows you to obtain lean muscle mass.

    • Carnosine is a molecule that supports the absorption of excessive amounts of "acid" in the muscles. After application, it increases physical performance between 60-240 seconds of training, to a lesser extent after this time. After transformation into carnosine, it is part of the "cellular magazine". Increased carnosine reserves can contribute to protection against pH drops as well as against lactic acid production as a result of physical exertion.

  • L-glutamine - is one of the natural amino acids found in the body derived from food. It is closely related to muscle homeostasis and muscle protein synthesis (excess contributes to anabolism and prevents breakdown). Occurs mainly in meat and eggs. It supports the work of the intestines and the immune system because glutamine is the preferred source of fuel in the body (especially in the case of leukocytes). Glutamine is considered a muscle builder, however, this ability does not apply to healthy people, but to those who are exposed to physical injury (burns, deep wounds) or in conditions associated with muscle wasting (can alleviate symptoms).

2. Who should take WIN IT! Amino?

  • For vegetarians

  • For people who subject their body intensively to training,

  • For those who want to support the digestive tract (especially the intestine),

3. Do WIN IT! AMINO is safe?

Yes. The product is considered safe if used as directed. It should not be given to children and pregnant women. The recommended dose should not be exceeded, unless confirmed by a physician.

Do you know that...?

  • Is BCAA supplementation not necessary if branched-chain amino acids are supplied to the body in adequate amounts in the diet?

  • Leucine can transform into several metabolites, one of them is known as a standalone HMB supplement?

  • Is glutamine still being tested for the effect of glutamine on myocardial ischemia and other body cells?

  • Paresthesia - a tingling sensation caused by consuming large amounts of beta-alanine. This is a natural reaction of the body and has no side effects.

Dietary supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Do not exceed recommended servings for consumption during the day! Consume immediately after preparation. A balanced diet and healthy lifestyle are the basis for the proper functioning of the body. Store in a cool, dry place. Protect from direct sunlight and heat. Do not freeze. store in a closed container inaccessible to children!

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  • Klaudia
      July 15, 2020

      świetnie się rozpuszcza!Długo szukałam BCAA, które nie będzie zostawiało mi osadów i nierozpuszczonych gród w shakerze. Dobry smak!